Mr Jonathan Mambilima

Mr Jonathan Mambilima

by Jonathan Mambilima

I am based in Zambia, Southern Africa. I just borrowed money to invest in a small scale mining project where i corporate with locals in the area. I have scouted two other areas as well that show promise.

If you an Inventors or entrepreneurs in the mining sector, have chance to contact Mr. Mabilima as he is looking for strategic partnerships.
Our Approach is simple I work with a metallurgist and a Chinese national. We go to the areas and pits to collect samples and after testing we engage locals under supervision to dig and sort. We have a buyer with very high demand and wish to increase our output by employing explosives experts and hiring excavators on each mine area. The profit margin is very high.
We would like to work with any interested financiers that have a vision of growing and going large scale.
My email address is

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