Every business that has products or services needs to have a marketing plan. This allows the general populace to know about the product or service that you have to offer.

It is an essential element of business success, without directing the product to the targeted customers-you simply do not exist! And they will not buy it. Some entrepreneurs make a terrible mistake by thinking that the product will market itself. This does not work.

Clearly Label Your Business Premises.

Clearly labeling your business premises will allow customers to effectively identify you and give directions to their family and friends. This gives the business new customers- that way the business will continue to grow.

How is your product unique?

The first step to having a successful business is to develop a product or service that is unique from those of your competitors.

Creating a unique product will give an added advantage and puts you in a class of your own. You can use this to attract your targeted customers, for example if you have developed a product that last twice as compered to your competitors it means you give the consumer more time to store the item for future use.

How is the Branding?

Branding your product in packages that attract the target group is an art that needs to be mastered. If for example you have developed a product for the youths, you need to brand it in such a way that you can get the attention of the youths.

The branding of your product in a unique way allows customers to easily differentiate your product from those of competitors.

Keep In touch with customers

Keeping touch with customers that are using your product is another effective tool that small businesses can use. Allowing the customers have a say over the product and may have brilliant ideas on how the product can be improved and have greater impact in their lives.

Put up fliers in your local area.

Fliers are said to be silent marketing officers. By putting up fliers in strategic areas that are populated and can easily be seen like in amusement packs and in the central business district of your area.

Putting Adverts on Television and Radio.

Television and radio channels provide an effectivemarketing channel to reach the targeted audience. Remember to make adverts that are appearing to the targeted audience using effective and attractive adverts that will impel your audience to try your product or service out.

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