About Me

It was a hot September afternoon in 2011, and I was 47 years old.

I had presumed that the Net was for reading mails from friends, research and for socializing on Facebook and Twitter, only.

Never did I think, I would start and own a Website about Business decisions, an interesting part of business success!!!

But then the unthinkable thing happened.........

I love the idea of quitting the day to day jobs and head to business decisions, so when I discussed this idea with a friend of mine, he told me about this unique software he was using to create amazing websites online.

I had never heard of it before!

So,I decided to find out more about the product on the site on the Internet.

In fact during the same time I was thinking of what I can do to generate extra Income....

I knew for sure that going into business was the right way to go, but I did not know were to start.

After a month of research and study, I had made up my mind to start a good business, that is in the field of business and Consultancy.

Then I read one of Ken's story about a site he laughed and I liked it. Can't you like it also?, a product called SBI!,which enables non-technological people to build their own online businesses on the subject that they know, love and cherish.

I thought how about a site on business decisions?After all I just had to collect areas of business that require business decisions--that's all.

The rest is a story.

I watched this video and made a decision,If you want to learn more about SBI, watch the Television here.

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