To be success in business you need to sell a product or service and make profit. It is here were decision is seen very clearly that it is yielding.

But before you sell anything, you must thoroughly understand your own business, rival businesses and the market place to give yourself a competitive edge. This includes the marketing strategy, location of your sales either local or international.Your business will inevitably face competition. You should be aware of your competitors and should always strive for a competitive advantage over a rival.

Decisions made for sales and marketing are very crucial as this is the main focal point of your going into business. Always be alert on the ground so that you don’t reach the peak, forget and fail down without realizing what is going on with your business.Marketing Business decisions are the “idea hatcheries” that spew products, new techniques, and new services needed to maintain your business’.

Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business. Without one, you cannot make sales. Efforts to attract many customers should be your first priority.

Business decision will put things in order and focus your strategy to make sure that your products and services meet your customers' needs. This will mean to develop long-term and profitable relationships with customers. To stay competitive in this modern system of marketing, you need to keep your offerings constantly fresh and new. In this you should be doing your own research laboratory around. In order for you to be in research Laboratory keep up with the current trends in your market, look out for any emerging technologies and changes or improvements to your services or products.

Identifying customers

It is very important to identify who your customers are and make sure you establish your product or service to them. You won’t sale if you target wrong audience from the start, regardless of how well your product or service will be.

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