Business Decision Making Models in Business Management

Business Decision Making Models in Business Management

Business decision making models are very important to the decision making process of any business management.Do you know that there are several different decision making models in business management? Truly, your business needs decision making models in your daily operatin.

Using different decision making models will increase the success of decisions in business. Some commonly used business decision making models are:

  • Planned
  • Collective participation
  • Rational
  • Adaptive
  • Intuitive
  • Emergent
  • Planning is important for all business decisions because it allows you to discover and evaluate the background behind a problem. It guides to possible options for solution and goals that will prove that the problem is solved, and many other important aspects to think about before making a decision.

    Collective participation is a decision making model that utilizes a group all stakeholders in the business to decide.

    Rational business decision making model rely on facts and logic to make decisions. It is important for it allows you to discover and evaluate the background behind a problem that should be solved and gives the possible options for solution.

    Adaptive business decision making model is appropriate when there is a time constraint on decisions. Planned decision making is similar to rational because it relies on a strict plan when making decisions.

    Intuitive business decision making relies on knowledge and experience. This is mostly common to people who have been in same business and growth has been achieved many times.

    However, the last part which is emergent model of business decision making combines both planned and adaptive decision making.

    A combination of all these models, planning, collective, rational thinking, adaptive thought, and intuition are preferred methods that can be applied at different times. In our modern business and marketing world; sometimes it is also important to use more than one model at the same time.

    Understanding and correct use of these business decision making models will allow management and business owners to make successful decisions in there operations.

    Business Decision making models are all about making good judgements. Avoid judgements which might cause lose in you business, especially quick decision. You probably know very well that the many businesses fail. The biggest reason for that failure is making bad decisions. The tools mentioned inhere can help you make good decisions.

    Your model of business decision is going to be feasible when a result is clearly attained bad or good. You better understand all these pieces and fit them together in order to make a decision that is logical.

    In summary, I can easily say good business decisions make your business grow. But, bad ones will let you down. Make sure you utilize good decision models.

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