Decision Making Process

Every individual in the world is faced with different circumstances that require him or her to make certain business choices that are commonly referred to as decisions. This happens when you are faced with an abnormal or critical event that require you to make business plans, effective management by you is cardinal for effective decision making process that will maximize the potential for successful resolution. Below I have out-lined the phases of effective decision making process:

Situation: A situation can be defined as a set of circumstances that you are faced with as an individual in a business environment. As far as you are concerned the situation that requires you to make a decision here is critical, and therefore the decision to be made is critical. The most important aspect of decision making process is that you need to be aware of the impending situation or circumstances. Once you know the circumstance(s) at hand, then you can begin finding a remedy-if you are not aware of the unfolding circumstances. It will be almost impossible to find the options available.

Situation awareness is an important step to put first, as it makes you realistic about the situation you are faced with. If you are not aware, you cannot begin to resolve matters towards a favorable outcome. When you have situation awareness, the rest of the problem is quit straightforward and natural or simple in other words.

Options: Once a problem occurs and you are aware of it, the most important thing is to consider all the possible options available. This will allow you to act in the best interest of the business. The thing to note here is that you need to have as many options available as possible or simply put it this way; the more options you have the more-gold you have. The more options you have the better your chances of having a successful out come. It is important to note that options are merely ideas, which when first considered as an option, may or not be viable. Furthermore, thinking-time must be spent on them so that the out come can be predicted. When you consider options, you will discover that some options are better than others. Therefore you must get the best out of your decisions. You need to have as many options as possible and have a greater chance of success. At times though there is only one option and choice is involved. A typical example is when a natural disaster tricks, resulting in disastrous results and you only have one choice and option-to flee!!!

A second interesting point to note is that your options are a result of the “higher” brain- meaning your brain should think of the possible options available to you.

Choose: Assess the pros and cons of a certain choice of action. The best way to do it is to prepare a list of pros and cons of all the options available. After you have assessed the pros and cons, choose the option with more pros and less cons, so as to better the chances of making good decision.

Act:Time is an important asset to all humans. After you have made your choice, it is important to act timely and early enough, for your decision to be sound. You need to also know that time can limit you decision. For instance, your decision today might not be a sound one if you make it tomorrow.You need to implement your choice that you selected in the past stage by putting it into practical use.

Evaluate: You need to look at the selected action if it had been successful. Once an act is committed, a new situation will present itself requiring you to make a new decision which is an on going process of humans on a daily basis.

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